Senior Pastor of Communidad

Pastor Arsenio Herrera is the Senior pastor of Comunidad Hosanna in Nicaragua. Pastor Arsenio received Christ as his personal savior in 2001. In 2002 he started a prayer meeting in his house and two years later he planted the church Comunidad Hosanna Carazo. He is a visionary pastor that since the beginning of his ministry has believed in establishing churches throughout the country. As of today, Comunidad Hosanna has grown to 25,000 members, is located in 20 major cities nationwide with 17 different locations. Pastor Arsenio has a passion for unity in the body of Christ, raising up public altars of Worship to the masses throughout the nation. Currently, he is on 3 television channels with a national audience. He is the founder of the television program “One Voice” which is having an impact on the nation. Presently, he is believing for a transformation in the nation. Nicaragua is in a new season and is being raised up through the power of God. Pastor Arsenio Herrera and his wife Betzabe have been married for 19 years and have been blessed with four beautiful children, Jael, Gaby, Lia and Arsenio Jr.

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