Singer and Worshipper

A gifted singer and worshipper, Leslie draws on her passion for the Lord to share her faith and love for Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen. Ministering to both Spanish and English speaking audiences alike, her heart for worship is evident when she delivers her message through song. From beginning to end it is clear that worship is her lifestyle, and proclaiming God’s goodness and faithfulness is her sole objective.

Leslie Ruiz, was born in the city of Chicago on June 2, 1982. At a very young age her parents, Bishop Rafael Robles and Wanda Robles, realized the gift that God had placed inside of her and decided to help her cultivate it. After recording her first album at the age of 9, Leslie had the opportunity to sing in front of the capital building in Puerto Rico for an event called “MusiEvangelización” which unites believers from all over the island to worship. At the age of 11, she released a second album, where she collaborated with world-renowned Hispanic artist and Pastor, Rene Gonzalez. She was afforded the opportunity to sing at President Bill Clinton’s inauguration in Washington, D.C. and also at the Democratic National Convention at the tender age of 14. Leslie has also had the distinct opportunity to sing the national anthem at several Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs games.

In 1994, Leslie experienced the tragic heartbreak of the loss of her mother and decided to take a break from music. After years of a hiatus, the Lord again confirmed her calling into ministry, and Leslie began what is now an incredible journey of grace.

Leslie has had the opportunity to serve on staff as worship pastor, along with her husband of 14 years and their 3 sons, at Strong Tower Church of God and has ministered to countless congregations within the past 10 years. She has led worship around the world as well as the United States at events such as Hosea Conference in Cambodia, GodFest in Dallas, Texas, The International Hispanic Church of God Congress in Tampa, Florida, countless Women’s Conferences, and Regional Conventions among many other venues. Her album “Open up the Heavens” is now available on iTunes in both Spanish and English.

Leslie has an anointing that not only transcends cultural boundaries but can also set captives free by the power of God!

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